URGENT action: New Samphire Staff Accommodation Development

Updated by Secretary on Aug 20, 2022

To Rottnest Society members and all friends of Rottnest Island. Developers are intent on building a large staff accommodation camp for up to 211 workers. This is excessive, represents a new approach to developing Rottnest and will be detrimental to the environment. The proposed plans are available for inspection via RIA’s website

The location of the proposed 1.35 hectare development is on Parker Point Road.

The proposed development would be an eyesore as shown on the architect’s drawings:











What can we do? 

Those with a love of Rottnest are urged to oppose this development by sending an email submission before August 31 to:

J Banks, Executive Director Rottnest Island Authority,  consultation.rottnest@dbca.wa.gov.au


Sign our Petition


Thanks for your support, 

The Committee 

2022 Volunteer weekends - Bookings now open  

Updated by Secretary on Aug 16, 2022

The Rottnest Society will be organising five working weekends on Rottnest Island during 2022. 

These are the scheduled weekends: 

  • 11th June
  • 25th June
  • 23rd July
  • 13th August
  • 17th September - FULL

Bookings are now open, please complete the 2022 Booking Form and email it to us at: therottnestsociety@gmail.com 

We require your payment to us within 10 days of your booking being received and confirmed, for your place to be secured. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you on the island!  

2021 Annual General Meeting

Updated by Secretary on December 3, 2021  •

To Members and Supporters of The Rottnest Society 

On Monday, 22 November 2021 the Society’s AGM was arranged, however, due to the failure to achieve a quorum it is now necessary to reschedule the Annual General Meeting Which will now be held on:

Monday, 13th December 2021 at 7.00 pm at the Meals on Wheels Building, Bernard Street, Claremont.

  • Monday 13th December 2021
  • Meals on Wheels Building, 5 Bernard Street, Claremont.
  • 7pm start.

The meeting will be of a short duration, with the aim of meeting the statutory requirements relating to confirming new Committee members and approving the Treasure’s Report. This will enable the Society to continue its advocacy role on behalf of the Rottnest environment and to make arrangements for the 2022 Rottnest Island planting and weeding weekends. Please consider nominating on the nomination form to join our committee that meets monthly and considers how best to promote our objectives and plan the working weekends on Rottnest

2021 Volunteer Weekends!

Updated by Secretary on March 30, 2021  •

We apologise for the delay in getting our weekend dates out to you, and thank you for your patience. The committee have been in negotiaions with the Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) regading our working weekends for 2021. Late last year the Society was advised by the (RIA) that due to difficulties in providing staff support for Sundays, the Society’s contributions to environmental works would only be sought for Saturdays. 

 Initially it was proposed that volunteers would travel to Rottnest early Saturday morning and return that evening. However, it has now been agreed that it will be possible to benefit from the same arrangements that the Society has been able to offer in recent years. That is, volunteers will be able to choose to travel to Rottnest on Friday and return on Sunday. However, there will be an additional cost compared with previous arrangements. 

For the first working weekend (12th June) only a day trip will be possble as all accommodation has been committed to the Goodlife Running Festival. For the other weekends a number of cabins will be booked by the Society for the working weekends and volunteers will be able to choose to travel (free travel is provided by Rottnest Express) for a day trip on the relevant Saturday – 7.30am ferry from B Shed, returning 4.30pm, or stay overnight Friday and/or Saturday, with ferry times altered accordingly. Planting and weeding works will take place between 8.45am and 3.30pm on the relevant Saturday.

The RIA has advised us of the dates of the following five scheduled Working Weekends for 2021:

  • 12th June (50 volunteers)
  • 26th June (50 volunteers)
  • 10th July (25 volunteers)
  • 7th August (50 volunteers) - FULL 
  • 18th September (25 volunteers) - FULL

Details of the accommodation costs can be found on the 2021 Booking form. If you would like to join us, please complete the booking form and email it to therottnestsociety@gmail.com

2020 Annual General Meeting

Updated by Convenor on September 7, 2020  •

Please join us for our Annual General Meeting

  • Monday 19th October, 2020
  • Claremont Bowling Club, 64 Bayview Tce, Claremont.
  • 6.45pm doors open, 7pm start.
  • Coffee, Tea and a light supper will be served afterwards.
  • New members welcome!

UPDATE: 2020 Volunteer Weekends - FULL

Updated by Convenor on July 13, 2020 •

UPDATE 28th June...well you were all very keen to join us and we thank you for your bookings. Both of our volunteer weekends are now full. If you would like to join us next year, please email and ask to be added to our volunteer contact list, and we will contact you when our weekends for 2021 are announced.


  • Weekend 3: July 24-26 - FULL
  • Weekend 4: September 18-20 - FULL

To register your interest and hold a place, please download a copy of our booking form. Please complete it online or print it and scan/attach it to a return email to therottnestsociety@gmail.com

If you previously paid and we refunded your payment, we will require payment to guarantee your place. We look forward to seeing you on the Island!

Please Make Your Comment - Rottnest Management Plan 2020-24

Updated by Convenor on October 20, 2019  •

Please take 10 minutes out of your week to stand up for what you love! Submissions close 25th October, 2019. Please make your submissions as we need voices to support the natural values of the island - to protect the islands nature reserve that is currently threatened by more unsustainable development planned by the Rottnest Island Authority in the latest Rottnest Island Management Plan (RIMP).

Please visit the RIA website and read the documents that were released for a two-month public comment on the 28th August. The main matters you need to be aware of and may wish to comment on in your submission are:

  • Expansion of accommodation associated with the Lodge
  • Innapropriate development of a camping area at City of York Bay - which is within the A Class Reserve area
  • Additional infill development, extending the settlement at Bathurst, South Thompson and Kingston area - potentially impacitng the frontal dunes
  • Addtional Camping areas outside the settlement and within the A Class Reserve area.

Public submissions are made by clicking the "Provide your feedback" link in the right side of the consultation website page, or by emailing RIMPFeedback@rottnestisland.com

It could only take 10 mintes of your time but be very worthwhile for the future of our beloved island.

2019 Annual General Meeting

Updated by Convenor on October 10, 2019  •

Please join us for our Annual General Meeting

  • Monday 28th October, 2019
  • Claremont Bowling Club, 64 Bayview Tce, Claremont.
  • 6.45pm doors open, 7pm start.
  • Coffee, Tea and a light supper will be served afterwards.
  • New members welcome!

2019 Volunteer Weekends!

Updated by Convenor on February 13, 2019  •

Hello to our fantastic volunteers, here are the dates for the 2019 volunteer weekends.

  • Weekend 1: May 3-5 (Sea spurge weeding and beach clean-up)
  • Weekend 2: June 21-23 (Salt Lake re-vegetation)
  • Weekend 3: July 19-21 (Osprey Nest protection, Marjorie Bay re-vegetation
  • Weekend 4: August 16-18 (Salt Lake re-vegetation,Daisy Wildflower Planting)

To register your interest and hold a place, please download a copy of our booking form in either PDF or MS Word versions, then fill it out and scan/attach it to a return email.

We look forward to seeing you on the island!

2017 Annual General Meeting of the Rottnest Society

Updated by Convenor on Sept 27, 2017  •

To our members and friends, and anyone that would like to join us...

The Rottnest Society Annual General Meeting will be held on the 12th October at 7pm, we would love to see you there. Our keynote speaker is Rottnest Island Authority CEO Michelle Reynolds.


12th October 2017, 7pm

Claremont Bowling Club, 64 Bayview Tce, Claremont.


2017 Volunteer Weekends: full

Updated by Convenor on May 23, 2017  •

Thank you to everyone who has signed up for our 2017 volunteer weekends. We are now full for all remaining weekends. Please keep an eye on our facebook page and website for announcements of next years call for volunteers.

The May weekend volunteers had quite a wet weekend planting on the island, but at least the new trees were well watered in. Thank you again for your hard work, and keep an eye out for our next newsletter where we will report on the fabulous work done.

Is Rottnest Island becoming 'out of reach' for WA families?

Posted by Convenor on April 4, 2015  •

Read the latest about the cost of spending a day at Rottnest Island in this article by Louise Merrillees from the ABC. We have to agree, a ferry ride to Rottnest is out of the reach of the average WA family and people just aren't going for that reason. What do you think? Leave a comment on our facebook page and tell us what you think.

A Rottnest Society member recently spent a holiday in Bali and travelled to Nusa Lembongan, an island off Bali, the same distance Rottnest is from the coast of WA, and paid only $50 for a return ferry fare, but had the choice of MANY ferries running to the island, all offering transport services included in the fare.

Rottnest Island becoming 'out of reach' for WA families

Support the Rottnest (Wadjemup) Walk Trail Project

Posted by Convenor on April 4, 2015  •

This project aims to preserve and protect Rottnest’s unique environment, as well as raise the awareness of the Island’s environmental values and cultural history by providing interpretive elements along the Trail to educate the community. The Rottnest Society will be contributing volunteer labour towards revegetation aspects of the project. Another affiliated community group project partner, the Rottnest Foundation, is busy raising funding for the Walk Trail.

To find out how you can support this project, please visit http://www.rottnestfoundation.org.au/