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Articles reproduced here come from past Rottnest Society Newsletters and other documents up to 2005.

Henrietta Rocks project 2013

From the Rottnest Society (This article on the proposed hotel developments at Rottnest was  published in the December 2005 quarterly Newsletter of Boating Western Australia (Inc) and is reproduced here in its entirety).

The HOLE truth: the ecosystem effects of burrowing by Wedge-tailed Shearwaters on Rottnest Island.  Article reprinted from a July 2005 Newsletter.

What is Eco-Tourism? is an article from our March 2005 Newsletter exploring the nature of eco-tourism as it relates to Rottnest.  The Rottnest Island Taskforce recommended a 150-room 'low-impact eco-tourism' development between South Thomsons and Villas and the Army Jetty.

A case for daggy? is a recent article from an early 2005  Newsletter which is based on an article about coastal development.  The article takes a light-hearted look at what is happening with rapidly encroaching urbanisation of our beaches - and highlights why we feel so passionately about working for a different future for Rottnest.

Western Buffalo Bream Kyphosus cornelii – this is a brief report from our Newsletter archives on a fascinating talk given to members and friends by Dr. Paddy Berry in 2002…

Grow Your Own Rottnest  The idea of "growing your own Rottnest" arose from the pleasure of encountering typically "Rottnest" plants when on the mainland.  The plant life of Rottnest is dominated by a handful of plants that are really common, widespread and, consequently, typical of the Island…(this delightful article was provided by member Dr. Jon Dodd for one of our Newsletters)   

Rottnest or the Whitsundays?  "In August this year I took a much anticipated trip to the Whitsunday passage in Queensland.  I have always felt that the sandgropers and banana benders shared a similar climate, lifestyle, and ideas on the way things are..."(this was a response from committee member Courtney Powys on a sailing trip in Queensland).