Henrietta Rocks Project

Written by Rebecca Scriven April 2013  •

As you will remember, in 2012 the Rottnest Society along with the Winnit Club provided volunteer help for a RIA project funded by Coastwest. It was for the coastal protection and rehabilitation at Henrietta Rocks. The project has now been completed and signed off as of the 28th of February. The scope of the project was to construct a walkway with tiered stairs down to the beach at Henrietta Rocks, to prevent people making their own way down a number of informal tracks that had formed over the years. Our part in the project included the revegetation of these tracks and surrounding area of the new walkway.

Our first two volunteer weekends last year included planting into the sand tracks and spreading jute matting on the dunes and planting into the matting. Henrietta Rocks plantingWe also directly planted spinifex into the paths and dunes.

The final report for the project stated that the planting weekends with the Rottnest Society proved very successful with 3500 plants planted with tree guards and 30 bags of Spinifex longifolius directly seeded. The site will be monitored by using photo points for taking photos of the plants of the next 3 years. There is still one area left to revegetate, the area around the construction site. We may be allocated this area on our first weekend this year.

Henrietta Rocks Walkway