The Rottnest Society's objectives: 

  • Encourage and promote the preservation of the environment and character of Rottnest Island
  • Encourage and as far as possible to maintain the use of Rottnest Island as a low cost holiday destination for West Australians
  • Establish close communications with all other associations, institutions or groups that may have related interests
  • Create in Western Australia a continuing public awareness of the environment and chatacter of Rottnest Island
  • Promote effective and responsible management of Rottnest Island and its facilities and environment
  • Oppose any use of development of Rottnest Island which may alter the character of the island or cause unnecessary harm to its environment or character
  • Promote the preservation of Rottnest as an "A" Class Reserve
  • Keep the West Australian Government, the Rottnest Island Authority, and other organisations informed of the Society's concern and interest in Rottnest Island.


The work of The Rottnest Society benefits the wider West Australian public (the owners of Rottnest Island) through 'hands-on' conservation and restoration work, the detailed submission making on management plans, proposed developments and environmental issues, and the involvement of several generations of West Australians in these activities.