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Volunteer weekends FAQs

Since 1997 The Rottnest Society has worked with the Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) in its Revegetation Programme for the island. Early records indicate that the island was very heavily wooded at the time of first human contact. This vegetation was largely destroyed for various reasons including farming, and for use as firewood. The RIA currently attempts to plant approximately 50,000 seedlings annually and a number of volunteer groups take part in this programme. Society members and friends plant up to 25,000 trees annually in three weekends each year, so it can be seen that we make a significant contribution to this programme. Preparation for planting includes fencing or tree guards to keep quokkas out. Planting can only take place once winter rains have started and must be finished before the end of the winter rains. This is all the watering the seedlings will get until the following winter.

Exotic weeds are a problem on Rottnest and the Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) has a strategy for controlling existing infestations, and in some cases, eradication. Members and friends of The Rottnest Society take part in this programme, usually on one weekend per year. We can claim to have made a real contribution to bringing under control the weed commonly known as 'sea spurge' (euphorbia paraliasis). which is becoming as serious pest at the tops of beaches around our southern coast. We usually plan such a weekend in September or October of each year.