Volunteer Weekend FAQs

Who can volunteer

Is there a minimum age for volunteers?

Yes, our minimum age is 15 years.  The nature of the work and our insurance cover means that we cannot allow young children to join our working weekends.

Is there a maximum age for volunteers?

No, but please be aware there is some level of fitness required for the work.  We are working in rough terrain, sometimes requiring the team to walk up and down hillsides, climb through scrub and walk along uneven rocky tracks.

What if it is rainy?

Be prepared to work in rainy and windy conditions, we are planting in winter to allow for the trees to have the best possible chance to survive. If it is raining we still need to work, so make sure you bring the appropriate wet weather clothing.

What is the work?

What does the work involve?

On planting days the Rottnest Island Environmental staff choose a location on the island, and demonstrate the work before we begin. They provide tools, plants, water refil (byo bottle), first aid kit and sunscreen. We usually work in teams of two or three people and plant a mixture of seedlings across a specified area. Our last weekend for the year is usually weeding and/or beach clean up, as it is too late in the season for planting.

How long do we work for?

We meet at 8.45am and are transported to the work site. We begin around 9.30am after the demonstration, and work until 3.30pm with a morning tea and lunch break. We only work on Saturday. If you are staying for the weekend, the rest of the time you are free to enjoy the island.

What do I need to bring?

The Rottnest Island Environmental staff provide tools, plants, water refil (bring your own bottle),first aid kit and sunscreen. You will need to bring some gardening gloves, your water bottle, food for the day (usually some morning tea and lunch), any drinks for yourself and make sure you have a hat, the appropriate clothing and closed in shoes.

Ferry details and cost

Is the ferry cost included?

Yes, the ferry cost is included and provided by the island in return for your work over the weekend.

Can I select which port to travel from?

Ferry travel is provided by Rottnest Express, so you can choose to leave from one of the ports they travel from, i.e.Barrack St, Northport or B Shed, Fremantle.

Can I select which day and time for the ferry?

Yes, closer to the date of the volunteer weekend we will ask you for your preferences for time and dates.  If you are only working for one day and not staying on the island, your only choice is the 7.30am from B-shed Fremantle, returning on the 4.30pm ferry, as we need to allow for your travel from the worksite back to the ferry in time for the 4.30pm boat.  

Can I change my ticket time?

Once you have your email ticket with booking number, you can call Rottnest Express or use thier website to change your ticket details.

Where do we stay if I want to come for the whole weekend?

Where do we stay?

The Rottnest Society book shared accommodation in the cabins in the Caroline Thomson camping grounds. We try and organise friends to stay together in the cabins, but you may be paired with other smaller groups. The cabins sleep 6 maximum, there are two bunk beds and a double bed. If we do not have a couple to share the double bed, we allow 5 people in the cabin.